First Impression Ministries

Connection Ministry

We are responsible for welcoming guests after each service and to connect them to the AHOW family through phone calls and hospitality until they become a meaningful part of our church family.

Kemi Olugboji:

Information Center Management

The Information Center provides assistance and information to worshipers before and after services. Information Center Volunteers are stationed at the information booth in the lobby to answer questions, to give directions, and to distribute designated materials. The Information Center exists to connect guests and members of the AHOW community by:

  • Providing information on church events and activities
  • Connecting individuals with the appropriate resource contacts
  • Providing information on AHOW ministries
  • Informing individuals about church programs available for AHOW members
  • Serving as a one stop solution center for all AHOW centric needs


Minister in Charge:
Deacon Kip Wright

Ministry Facilitator:
Joshua Ezemadu

Contact information:

Parking Lot Ministry

We exist as the front line of our first impressions team. We make sure all cars/vehicles are parked in an orderly manner. Parking ministry warmly greets members and guest as they come and create a friendly atmosphere in our parking lot. Attendees will also assist people with any need they may have in getting to the entrance of the church.

Jeff Emenalom:

Ushering & Greeting Ministry

Agape House Ushering Ministry exists to show people an expression of God’s love by how we receive them into Agape House sanctuary, and to create a warm social environment that will lead to a genuine worship experience and an encounter with Christ. We offer the following services:


  • Greet and welcome people
  • Offering collection
  • Record total number of people in attendance on Sundays and Wednesday(bible study)
  • Direct guest/members to their seat
  • Support and pray with guest/members during impartation service
  • Support members during thanksgiving service
  • Answer questions and provide assistance when needed


Meeting Times:
Quarterly and as needed.

Ministry Leader:
Ogechi Okubanjo

Contact Information:
Ogechi Okubanjo –

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Connect and engage with our community.

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